Product Quality is our key focus and Be Honest to customers is our Absolute Position.

Providing Good Services to customers is the major responsibility of all our staff, from top management to low level staff.

Water – Base Decorative Paints

Cam-Paint produces several kinds of Water-Base paints with different features and benefit (High Gloss, Semi Gloss and Standard Paint) for fulfill our customer needs in all market segment.

Solvent Base

We, Cam-Paint, produces full rank of Premium Emulsion Paint for Metal and Wooden Application.

Dry Mortar

we, Cam-Paint, produce several kinds of Skin Coat and Special Dry Mortar with different feature and benefit for fulfill our customer needs in all market segment.

Construction Chemical

In Addition to Paint and Dry Mortar Cam-Paint also has Construction Chemical Products to supply in Construction Sector. Those Products include Water Proofing and Concrete Admixture etc.


Campaint employees​ policy

We build our staff capability while develop our company. Knowing that everyone, director, manager, executive, supervisor, staff and worker are all running the business and managing the whole company. Hence, we have to treat and train our people very well.

Preparation of Campaint factory for 2016

As of late 2003 an idea of producing Emulsion Paint is generated during a Football break-time. Founder: Sam Pouk, Soum Sambath, Iv Kim Sour Official Opening:       13th June 2004 We just launch our new factory on 07 July 2016 along the road 217...

The Result about Meeting

On 17 August 2017 Cam-paint have meeting with all member and staff to complete the result.